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Who's G.?

A word from Giulia

Hi there!

G. is simply Giulia.

Let me share something about me.
Yoga found me 10 years ago, while studying on my first year of University.

I began practicing on my own. 
In my flow I’ve found a place to feel home

and safe,


Yoga never left me,

it was there to face different moments

of my path, the happiest times as well as

the hardest ones and it helped me

to connect to my inner self, to blossom

my joy in the brightest days and

to find light in the darkest ones.


The journey with G.

A wise French man once told me this quote, that I never forgot:

“The journey leads to the kingdom but the kingdom seeds already within the journey.” 

We struggle every day to reach higher and higher goals, we often identify with the stereotypes that society seems to impose never being satisfied and always thinking about “what’s next”. 

I have decided to begin this project, to simply share my experience and to let you witness how Yoga can change your life,

your vision your thoughts.

Simply enjoying every single breath and step along the journey. 

Where do we go if we don't know where we come from?

Yoga with G. is a space where you can reconnect with your origins,

your inner self,

your life pillars.

This is where the truth lies.

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